Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why I started a Blog from "Yeehaa Land"

I am finally starting this blog, after much contemplation. I wanted to start it when I just made my way to Corpus Christi, Texas from San Diego CA, but there were a few obstacles I had to overcome. Mainly technical, like finding a place to live, getting into the work flow, figuring out life:) so, now that I have ALL :) that taken care of, bravery kicked in to share my story day after day as I am going through this journey. I am planning to fill this space with stories, music, art, things I like and discover here and improvements I make in myself along the way. This blog will also have lots of Yoga wisdom in it as I just started yet another journey to become a certified Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga yoga teacher. Really, it is more like starting to be a serious student of Yoga. To be a teacher, will take a class and lots of wisdom, now its just me and self contemplation:) I am starting this blog for me to have a recap of joys, rainy days and self reflections, for anyone interested in similar things as I and for anyone who may be sharing same experiences thoughts and feelings.

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