Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Randome scatter

I get surprised everyday, surprised and inspired.

I walked into the lobby of my hotel after a heavy day at the hospital. I inhaled the warm air and the smell of cheese, salad, cheep wine penetrated my nostrils. I wanted all of the above, i was hungry and impatient to fill my belly with something, anything. Being usually quite concious of what i ingest, i decided to go straight for the wine, followed by a small portion of tomato basil soup. The woman standing in the communal kitchen, serving alcoholic beverages smiled at me. I came up and said " to the rim". She nodded, she was so warm, understanding. Non verbal communication is such a bliss. Her name is Nikki. A tall, beautiful, full figured black woman with absolutely radiant smile, and such a kind look in her eyes. A look that you can feel in your soul. She feeds us here. Us, a bunch of strangers staying here for work, school, to get away, to get lost maybe. What can be more carrying then feeding someone? Coming from Russian culture, i say nothing

Contemplation moment:
I have a theory, Luck is just a devotion to positivity...I want to be devoted. I am devoted.

The other day i went to a yoga rave:) . Yes! Yes, there were glow sticks and everything! 108 sun salutations (Suria Namaskara) to music and black lights, with glow in the dark paint on our bodies, sweat and serenity! It was quite wonderful. My shoulders were unaware of my bliss however and persisted to disappoint with soreness the next morning. I fought back with a 10 minute head stands. Shoulders had no other choice then to give up. I won.

The other day. I was studying at the Copper Coin Coffee, one of my favorites in Atlanta. Giant cup of tea, sitting by my laptop as usual. One wrong move. I see the water pouring onto the keyboard of my beautiful, aluminum plated, sleek designed, dual processor, Samsung...Reflexes did not fail. I flip the laptop over, turn off the power and pray for the best. I have never done this before, not throught colledge, not through all the years of my life and i had plenty of opportunities to be incredibly clumsy.
I come home the same night. Having attended a bikram yoga class, in the process of which all my clothing was drenched. I soak my wear in a sink while running water plugging the drain....i leave....to the kitchen...to cook dinner. I turn on the dishwasher...I come back 20 min late into the bathroom. The water is spilling over the edge of a sink...there is a small oceanic formation on my floor. it is the Ocean Floor:)  I throw towels down and absorb as much as i can....Coming back to the kitchen after the previous battle i find my dishwasher overflowing to the rhythmic sound of "spin cycle" ...thank god there was detergent in it. many bubbles. many.

Pain is a reality check. I tear myself up over what i did wrong, where and how could i do it differently...point..I didn't and i will not... Point, if taken...be devoted.

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