Friday, November 30, 2012

The difference..

it is just remarkable how one day I am at loss for words and quite comfortable with it, and another day isolation makes me fall back into familiar destructive patterns of searching for contact...not necessarily the contact that will promote growth, healing, internal peace, love....but contact that is familiar default...familiar pain...familiar... period....

What drives me to fall back to what i know, what i am use to?? Why? It is discouraging at times but i guess necessary...for finding strength, for reflection. So exhausting though. So unsettling.

I am not reborn, that is not what happens when you look inside...I am something...restless...
and the moon looks in my window...and Bjork's first album is howling in my space. I finally am getting her sound.
I am aggressively aware of my own discomfort...that's something...that's awareness at least.

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