Monday, October 15, 2012

"Texas in July"

Life has a way of educating you every once in while, which is often. By accident, like falling into a puddle while texting (never happened to me in Texas two days ago) or with a greater purpose perhaps. Stumble on something that you may have ignored/misunderstood, or worse, judged before, and here you go "lesson in the making".

Judging diverse musical tastes: Lesson 101

One day I wake up listening to Tchaikovsky No. 5, feeling ever so sophisticated, sensitive and profound and the next day I find myself surfing Spotify for some new tracks and I discover "Texas In July's" new album. As I press play, as the screaming sound hits my ears, nose, chest, resonates down to my extremities and makes my insides bleed, I realize....that this is exactly what I needed that very moment...profound? Maybe. Sensitive? Maybe if my eardrums perforate. Sophisticated? like a cup of tea at 5 o'clock - NO. Sophisticated as an overwhelmingly complex mix of raw emotional string cluster? -Yes.

I was never a fan of this kind of music. I was surprised by someone close to me listening to it on regular bases. Loving and appreciating the growing waves of roaring sound, that would resolve into offensively loud dissonance. I was even concerned. I understand now. There is a physical release that comes with each chord, each scream, each percussion exploding your brain (Refer to the album cover, for a visual). Its like someone scratches an itch I had right between my shoulder blades, but I just couldn't reach that far before this sound came and rattled my body.

Right after I listened to "Texas in July"  3 times in a row, torn apart and rebuild by it again, I check out the new Ellie Goulding compilation of 2012 "Halcyon"...And here I am dipping my well manicured toes in the abundant waters of main stream music...Hell, not "dipping"! Diving in head first actually..because I LIKE IT..  Welcome back...judgement free now...

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